5 Work visa options in Singapore for 2021

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Singapore is known to have one of the easiest work visa applications not just in Asia but in the world. That is because they require a large workforce to work in the different businesses present here. These businesses require many individuals with different skill sets. Therefore Singapore allows foreign individuals to work and these companies given that they secure passes like the employment pass or S pass Singapore visa. Individuals can enjoy the benefits of working and living in Singapore if they have a valid work visa.

Singapore shoes different kinds of employment passes depending on the qualifications and credentials of the candidate. Professionals are required to apply for the employment pass while mid-skilled workers get the S pass Singapore permit. Even if there are different passes available, the application procedures for these work passes are relatively the same. Singapore makes it easy for interested individuals to apply and acquire a work visa. In this article, we will talk about the different work visa options you have in 2021.

Work visa options in Singapore

1. Employment pass

Eligibility: The employment pass is intended for working professionals who want to apply in Singapore. Individuals can be eligible for this if they have a job offer in any Singaporean registered company. The job offer must be at the level of managerial executive or directorial level. It can also be a specialized job offer with a different job description as long as it falls on the same level.

All nationalities can apply for this work visa as long as they are of legal age or at least 18 years old. They should also have a good university degree that is relevant to the job offer. A minimum qualifying salary of $4,500 monthly will also be required for candidates. Older candidates are required to have more experience that is relevant to the job position. There will also be required to have a higher minimum qualifying salary.

How to apply: Singapore allows the sponsor a company to process the work visa application for the individual. A trusted third-party agency can also complete the procedure. The application would usually cost around $105 per employment pass. An additional fee will be charged once the visa is issued to the applicant. The employment pass is valid from 1 to 2 years and can be renewed and stretched to three years.

If you want to know your eligibility for this employment visa you can use the self-assessment tool provided by the Singaporean agency. This way you would know the kinds of documents and other requirements you need to prepare.

2. Personalised employment pass

Eligibility: This work visa is also intended for working professionals who are earning a higher salary. This can be considered as an upgrade from the employment pass. Current employment pass holders can apply for this if they are earning at least $12,000 monthly.

Foreign candidates who are interested can also apply even if they are still working overseas. The requirement is to be earning at least $18,000 monthly to be eligible for this work visa.

How to apply: The foreign individual can directly apply for this employment visa. All necessary documents should be submitted and accomplished to finish the application.

There are many more benefits from this employment we said that is why more individuals want to upgrade their passes. An individual can stay for as long as six months even without an employer if they are a personalized employment pass holder.

3. S pass Singapore visa

Eligibility: The S pass Singapore visa is intended for mid-skilled workers who are interested in working in Singapore. Mid-skilled workers include flight attendants, bartenders, bus drivers, and taxi drivers.

All nationalities are allowed to apply for the S pass Singapore permit. A minimum qualifying salary of $2,500 monthly is required to be eligible for this visa. The candidate must also have a degree or diploma.

However, since this is for the mid-skilled workers, Singapore sometimes considers training certificates that are relevant to the job. The certificate must be equivalent to a one-year worth of full-time study.

How to apply: The S pass Singapore permit can be applied for by the sponsor company. A third-party employment agency can also process the application procedures for the candidate.

A fee will be charged per application and an additional service fee will be charged once the pass is issued. Just like the employment pass, this is also valid for 1 to 2 years. It can also be renewed for up to three years if the holder has a good record in Singapore.

4. Work permit

Eligibility: This work visa is issued in different sectors. The candidates can be unskilled or semi-skilled to qualify for this. There are different eligibility measures or standards depending on the sector you want to apply in. This includes construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, servicing, and processing sectors. The sponsor company must ensure that they are qualified for the sector they are currently operating under.

Singapore also requires these companies to have a fair proportion of Singaporean low-cost to foreign individuals as employees. The company can only hire a certain number of foreign individuals if it employees enough Singaporean locals. The sponsor company is the one required to process the application of the candidate. All documents and other requirements will be passed by the employer.

5. EntrePass

Eligibility: Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to apply in Singapore and register their company. They can get the EntrePass To be able to legally incorporate their companies here.

The requirement is to have a business idea or a company that is venture-backed or has technological advancements that can be used in the Singaporean territory. Individuals can apply for themselves or hire a third-party agency to accomplish the process. All foreign nationalities can apply and no minimum qualifying salary is required.

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