Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I submit my post on Article Jazz?

Simply visit the top menu “WRITE FOR US“, it’s very easy.

2. What could lead to my post and article submission being rejected?

Draft a post with one or more of these characteristics:

  1. It has been written and published elsewhere.
  2. It only involves examples from your clients or is exclusively self-promotional.
  3. It is not part of an educational post and is an infographic only.
  4. The post lacks a precise link to content marketing.
  5. It’s too basic.
  6. The word length is less than 650 words.
  7. There is no cover image
  8. The cover image size is less than 1200×630 pixels
  9. It’s a things-to-do version with poor detail on how to do those things.
  10. It lacks a clear central point.
  11. It needs to be 100% Plagiarism free.
  12. It leaves the reader questioning what to do with the info.
  13. It was created as a clear link-bait with little unique insight or sensible discussion.
  14. Content has too many grammar mistakes.
  15. It’s an op-ed-style post that addresses why an issue is critical without explaining what, specifically, content marketers can do.
  16. It’s a white paper or another form of promotional content that is intended to promote the benefits of one particular product/service over others.
  17. It gives only a general summary of complicated topics.

3. What are the basic requirements for publishing a guest post?

1. The guest post must belong to one category specific to the industry
2. The content need not be plagiarized.
3. The post should have an intro and summary paragraph not exceeding 25 words.
4. The information you present should be precise and to the best of your knowledge.

4. How do I know what I can write?

You can write on anything which you are comfortable with, we have 250 categories to pick from. You can consider writing on the latest and trending topic on the internet, highly recommended is to consider taking the help of Google Trends. For assistance, we have also created guidelines for authors which you should check before you start.

5. What is the review process?

Article Jazz has a 7-step review process and each published article and post has to go through it to make sure the article and post is a good fit for the Article Jazz (the best article submission site) audience. The review processes are listed below:

1. Title length check: only 65 characters in a post title are allowed. As most of the search engines only allow this many characters for organic search results.
2. Post/article content-length check: a minimum of 700 words are allowed in every post/article and a maximum is 5000 words.
3. Post description check: a maximum of 25 words are allowed, as it needs to meet other criteria set by search engines for organic search results (only 165 characters).
4. Focus keyword check: only 3 focus keywords are allowed as Article Jazz doesn’t encourage keyword stuffing. One of the focus keywords should be in the article and post title, content, and description for a better organic search result.
5. Backlink check: Only 1 backlink is allowed per 1000 word post. Article Jazz recommends putting backlink on a focus keyword.
6. SEO optimized content check: The article and post published should have a maximum of 25-word introduction, a minimum of 650-words mid-content body, and a maximum of 25-word summary/conclusion/post note.
7. Plagiarism check: The team of Article Jazz, checks each article submission manually for its uniqueness.

At the moment Article Jazz – the best among free article submission sites is committed to its users and provides instant approval (within 4 hours). We recommend visiting www.articlejazz.com again after few hours.

6. Can I insert backlinks?

Yes, backlinks are allowed in the article and post. We will add ungated links to articles and blogs that represent a spot in your article (kindly note that more than one links per 500 words you’ve written or on your company’s blog may let us view the piece self-promotional).

7. What promotion do I get?

You can place all our blog posts on your content page, your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page, etc. for better audience reach.

8. Will my guest blog be given instant approval?

Yes, once you have published content we will follow the 7-step review process instantly. If your guest post meets all the terms and conditions we usually take less than 3 hours to approve your content.

9. Will my blog be shared on other free article submission sites?

Yes, it will be.

10. Will my guest blog be shared on social media sites?

Yes, the content you post gets shared on our social media handles and groups. You can join them and stay updated.

12. Can i join Article Jazz Community for discussion?

Yes, you can follow us and join our online community.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Telegram

11. Which content categories are not allowed on the website?

Below listed categories are not allowed on the website

  1. Adult content
  2. Dangerous or derogatory content
  3. Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  4. Alcohol-related content
  5. Tobacco-related content
  6. Gambling and games-related content
  7. Healthcare-related content
  8. Hacking and cracking content
  9. Pages that offer compensation programs
  10. Misrepresentative content
  11. Shocking content
  12. Weapon-related content
  13. Content that enables dishonest behavior
  14. Illegal content