Top 7 Important Rules To Keep Your Cats and Kittens Comfortable

Cats and KittensI agree with the opinion that cats are rather finicky creatures. It is important to find an approach to them and create not just suitable, but good living conditions. Let me remind you of the important points that cat owners do not always pay attention to. Generate the names of Cats and Kittens from the Orc name generator.

Top 7 Important Rules To Keep Your Cats and Kittens Comfortable Are:

1. Transport noxious plants from your house.

When a kitten is brought into the house, future owners rarely think about the fact that some flowers on the windowsills can be dangerous for the animal.

A pet may not be immediately poisoned, but toxic plant substances often have a cumulative effect. It is better to keep plants safe for Cats and Kittens in the apartment: coleus, cactus, mandarin, lemongrass, begonia, arrowroot, chlorophytum, camellia, dracaena, violet, pondezora, shaddock and kink.

Cats and Kittens sometimes tend to eat houseplants, so it is best to plant special herbs for them: thyme, lemon balm, spinach, mint, cereals, catnip, celery and arugula. It will easily fit on a windowsill in a special container. 

2. Buy safe food and water bowls.

Not all owners know that plastic bowls, which can be purchased at every supermarket, are inconvenient and not particularly useful for Cats and Kittens. Plastic in the process of use releases harmful substances into feed and water. The material is easily scratched, and food debris that is difficult to clean out gets into the scratches.

The bowls accumulate bacteria that can cause diseases such as cat acne – blackheads on the chin of an animal. The plastic bowl is very light and the Cats and Kittens will move it across the floor during lunch, scattering pieces of food. It is best to use a metal or ceramic bowl for your pet’s food and water. They do not accumulate bacteria and odours, are durable and heavy enough not to slip on the floor.

3. Find a quality carrier.

Before a kitten appears in the house, you need to buy a carrier in which it will be convenient to transport it. Choosing a quality bag or box is not so easy.

There are soft and hard carriers. The choice depends on many factors. For example, if you often have to transport your Cats and Kittens over long distances in the car, it is better to choose a rigid container carrier. For periodic visits to the veterinarian, you can get by with a walking or frame bag, a special backpack.

4. It is worth considering the size of the animal.

The Cats and Kittens should be able to stand up and even turn around in the carrier. The longer the cat needs to be in the container, the larger it needs to be.

In the cold season, the carrier should be insulated with bedding or immediately take a soft carrying bag with insulated walls. Get the name suggestion of any animals from the fantasy name generator.

5. Get a convenient tray.

Cat toilets are different: with and without sides, closed – in the form of houses – and even electronic. The choice depends on the place, the financial capabilities of the owners and the preferences of the cat: does she like to hide in order to go to the toilet, whether she rakes out the filler so that it spills over the edges of the toilet.

The litter box should be located where the cats and kittens will not be disturbed and where she can easily use it, always out of the reach of small children. The tray should fit your cat.

The nets, which are most often included in the kit, are best removed to attach to trays. They can cause discomfort to the animal: odour eats into the plastic, and the mesh clings to the claws. In addition, the mesh prevents the cats and kittens from burying waste.

6. Prepare for neutering or neutering your pet.

Most responsible owners sooner or later think about neutering or neutering pets: this is necessary in order to reduce the number of stray animals without violence.

However, not everyone is aware that for this you need to know the exact age of your pet and make sure that he is not allergic to anaesthesia. It is also important to carry out the treatment against external and internal parasites in time, vaccination and make an appointment in advance with a good veterinary surgeon.

7. Take care of the coat and give malt paste.

Every day, the cats and kittens licks itself and swallows a large amount of fur. So that it does not cause serious intestinal problems, the animal needs special additives, for example, malt paste, which helps to naturally remove the swallowed wool. Cats usually perceive it as a delicacy and happily eat the daily dose.

To keep hair shedding less and to be healthy, your cats and kittens needs taurine supplements and quality vitamins. The owners will have to learn simple hair care using combs and formulators – they will help remove excess fluff and avoid tangles. Combing with quality tools can even give animals pleasure, as the process is very similar to massage.

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