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One of the things that you have to consider when you want to relocate or migrate to another country is the work visa application. Relocating to a different place would need you to secure this kind of visa for you to be able to earn a living legally. Singapore is one of the best places when it comes to employment visa applications as it implements easy steps. 

Singapore makes sure to accommodate foreign nationals as they are in need of a much larger workforce. This is due to the existence of many different businesses that require different professionals with different sets of skills. Through an easy work visa application, the demand for the workforce of the businesses in Singapore is met. If you are interested in applying for a work visa, here are your options. 


The first type of work visa that you can get is the EntrePass. This visa is intended for foreign entrepreneurs that have an existing business or a business idea. This is open to all nationalities as long as they meet the criteria set by the Singaporean government. 

A foreign individual can apply if they have a private limited company registered in Singapore that is venture-backed or has innovative technologies that are beneficial to Singapore. If the business is not yet registered then the company should not be more than six months old when the business owner applies for this visa. The owner can also choose to register the company after this work visa is issued. 

If an individual is applying then he or she would need to supply the personal particular spades of their passport from the country of origin. Additional documents like testimonials resume and awards are also preferred. Lastly, a business plan that is written in English with a maximum of 10 pages is also required when you apply for the EntrePAss.

The business plan should consist of the product and services that will be offered, operational plan market analysis, and the management profile of the team. Additional documents may be asked as this is being processed. 

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Applying for this kind of work visa would cost around $105 each. When the visa is is should then an additional $255 will be charged. It would usually take around eight weeks for this to be processed.

EntrePass holders are allowed to bring their families to Singapore as long as they meet the following requirements. If it is a legally married spouse and children, then the business should be spending at least $100,000 annually. If the parents of the business owner want to go to Singapore then it would require the current business entity to be spending at least $200,000 annually. 

S pass

The S pass is intended for mid-skilled staff who have job offers in any Singapore-registered company. This is also open to all nationalities as long as the employer or an appointed authorized third-party agency will be applying. It is important to take note that if the holder wants to change jobs or employers then the new employer would have to apply for a new pass.

The first qualification to apply for this work visa is to be earning at least a $2,500 monthly salary. The foreign candidate should also have a degree or a diploma that is relevant to the job position. However, Singapore may consider certificates such as courses for skilled technicians and other specialists. As long as the technical certificate is worth one year of full-time academic study. 

One benefit of being an s pass holder is that you can bring your family to Singapore. The forehead individual is already earning $6,000 monthly, then they can apply for a dependent’s pass for family members. S pass holders are also entitled to medical insurance from their current employer. You can check your qualification through the self-assessment tool on the website of the ministry of manpower Singapore. 

Employment pass

The employment pass Singapore permit is intended for professionals. Just like that to work visas mentioned above, this is also open to all nationalities as long as all things needed are met. An individual should be earning at least $4,500 to qualify for the employment pass Singapore visa. 

The position that he or she is applying for should also be in the level of directorial, managerial, or executive positions. Professionals who have a specialized job offer from a sponsor company may also be considered for this type of work visa. Since the employment pass Singapore permit is for professionals, a degree from a good university is required. Additional training and experiences or more preferred by Singapore. 

The foreign individual cannot directly apply for the employment pass Singapore permit. An employer or an authorized service provider should be the one applying for this visa. If the company does not have a registered office in Singapore then they would need to get a Singapore registered company and apply on the candidate’s behalf. 

Once the employment pass Singapore visa is issued it will be valid from 1 to 2 years. For this type of work visa Singapore, the last renewal can extend the validity for up to three years. Employment pass Singapore permit holder can also bring family members to Singapore.

A dependent pass will be issued to legally married spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21. While a long-term visit pass is given to common-law spouses, unmarried handicapped children above 21, and unmarried stepchildren under the age of 21. Just like the S pass permit, a self-assessment tool is available to know whether or not you would qualify for this type of work visa. 

Personalized employment pass

This work visa is available for higher learning foreign professionals. If the individual is already employment pass Singapore permit holder, then they can apply for this type of visa as long as they are earning at least twelve thousand a month. If the foreign individually still overseas they can apply for the personalized employment pass if they are earning at least $8,000 monthly. 

This type of work visa is valid for up to three years and will only be issued once. One of the benefits of having this type of visa is that an individual can work in any job sector. This is given that other requirements from that sector are also settled.

The Singaporean government also does not require a personalized employment pass holder to apply for a new visa when changing jobs. They can also stay in Singapore for a maximum of six months while looking for a new position. 

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Singapore has many opportunities waiting for you. RenAi Group can help you secure the work visa that is appropriate for your qualifications. Contact us right away to learn more about your choices.


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