Skinny Body Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It Has a Low Body Fat

skinny body

Every person who is somehow related to either weight loss or weight gain is very familiar with the word “fat”. You will be either told to lose fat or to gain fat depending on which one you are doing. But have you ever wondered about what does fat exactly means? Let’s first get our basics right. Your weight and your fat are two different things.

Skinny or overweight, your weight does not define your fat levels. When you weigh yourself, you are weighing your whole body which includes your hairs, nails, bones, heart and everything that our body is made up of. So if your weight is 95kg, it includes weight of your hairs, heart, bones, lungs etc. and fat also.

For someone who is skinny, it is not necessary that they are low on body fat. A skinny person might have the same body fat as a healthy and muscular person. The only difference between these two is muscle mass. A healthy and muscular person will have more muscle mass than skinny person. In simple words, we can say that bulk of muscle that is visible is muscle mass.

Now that you have understood what exactly fat is, you can start analyzing whether you need to gain body fat or you need to gain muscle mass. Here we will discuss case for skinny people. First check if you have necessary amount of body fat or not. To build muscle or to even gain weight, first you should have necessary body fat, because your body fat will be used for your very basic activities like breathing, blood circulation etc.

So if you are low on your body fat, you will have hard time gaining weight.  That ultimately makes you low on energy which is essential to perform normal activities. In this case your body will use the energy from what you eat just to carry out those activities. If all of your energy is only being used to perform basic activities then, how you are supposed to gain weight. This means you are eating just to stay alive not to stay fit.

Now, let’s consider you have perfect body fat, but still you are skinny. This might be the case with most of the people out there. So, the answer to this question is your metabolism. Now again what is Metabolism? To put this in simple way, metabolism is the process of converting your food into energy. So if you are having hard time gaining weight, then you must be having high metabolism rate. That means everything you eat is being converted into energy at very fast rate.

As this energy is being used to perform your day to day activities, very few amount of energy will be used to build new tissues, thus slowing down your weight gaining process. This metabolism rate is different for different people. So if someone is gaining weight way faster than you then it is because they have slow metabolism rate. To overcome this all you have to do is to eat a lot. Eat anything that is eatable. Try to eat at regular intervals.

Some people may say that eating anything may not be healthy, and I don’t disagree with them but since you are trying to put on weight, you have to eat a lot. Since you have high metabolism, even if you gain some unhealthy fat, it will not be difficult to get rid of that fat considering your high metabolism rate. So just keep eating. Once you start putting some weight on, then you can start exercising to gain some lean muscle.

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