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Luxury Wedding Cakes

When it comes to planning a special celebration, nothing beats a delicious and elegant wedding cake. The cake is the Centre of attraction, so it’s important to choose the right one for your big day. Not only will the cake make or break the reception, it’s also where the main memories of the evening will be created. However, finding the perfect cake can sometimes be difficult, especially if you live in London or the UK and you’re not exactly sure where to start.

Cost to Your Budget

Fortunately, there are a number of specialist London cake makers who are able to create the one you want in just a few short days. From quirky gingerbread designs to the ultimate in elegant semi-baked wedding cakes, these stunning London sugar craft designs are sure to impress you (and the guests). They’re made by professionals who have the knowledge and skill to create the designs you envision, as well as creating them in a way that won’t add too much cost to your budget.

London Sugar craft Cakes Available

There are many different styles and flavors of London sugar craft cakes available, from traditional to more contemporary designs. Many are even edible sculptures, such as petrol stations, railway whistle and flower bouquets. But if you really want something a little more original, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to laminate your own creations. With a few ingredients and a couple of tools, you can create tasty creations unique to you. And the best part is, many Londoners create their own laminates, so you can experience the process firsthand!

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Pre-Made Cake 

Another option is to buy a premade cake from a reputable London sugar craft company. However, many companies offer bespoke designs and a personal touch to each cake, which may be more appropriate for you. One way to get a feel for what is available is to browse online wedding cake catalogues and view examples of other people’s cakes. Although you can contact the company directly, it can often be easier to see the different styles and flavors by viewing photographs online.

There are some great suppliers of London wedding cakes in central London. Some of the most popular brands include Freshly Pressed, Cake Shop, Rett, KFC Junior and Yoplait. The quality and freshness of these treat is second to none, and the flavors will guarantee a delicious end result. The cakes range in several types, from basic to elaborate creations and the bakery also offers specialty products such as ginger bread men and scones. All are made with the finest ingredients and are flavored to match the style and theme of the wedding.

Products and Deals

If you’re looking for somewhere more convenient than visiting the bakery, a good place to start is the London cake maker’s website. Here, you can find reviews of the London cake makers as well as an online store that display all their products and deals. Cake makers in London often have a minimum order, but you can usually find a deal if you look hard enough. You may be surprised at the selection, including styles from France, Italy and even Japan.

Cherry and Much More

A popular destination for making delicious cakes is the Yum Bakery in Newbury. This bakery offers all types of flavorful toppings and specializes in wedding cakes as well as cupcakes. The flavor combinations are fabulous, and the prices are very reasonable. There are some standout choices, including chocolate and coconut, strawberry and raspberry, pineapple and carrot, chocolate and carrot, banana and cherry and much more.


For those planning a luxurious wedding in London, there is no better treat than sugar flowers. Sugar flowers are available at flower shops throughout London, and theme flower shop in Kensington is known for its exquisite designs and quality. Theme offer custom designed cakes, and the store even makes house-made sugar flowers if you prefer. Sugar flowers make an elegant presentation, and they can be used to decorate fruit baskets, wedding favors and place cards. Sugar flowers are a beautiful and affordable addition to any celebration, and they’re sure to leave your guests wanting more!


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