Top 5 Magento Development Trends to Watch in 2021

This year, Magento has introduced some new trends for developers, and here are the top five that an experienced developer from a leading Magento 2 development company has shared.

Because of the eCommerce industry’s constant growth and enormous popularity, some innovations, such as Magento, have been able to keep up with advances and new trends. Implementing and maximising these dominant patterns often aids developers in creating the best online shopping sites. With the eCommerce industry predicted to reach trillions of dollars by 2021, you can’t afford to ignore these Magento trends if you want your company to succeed. And you’ll need to find a dependable and trustworthy Magento production company to make these trends work for you.

So, here’s a rundown of the top Magento developments for 2021.
Live streaming: Of all the Magento trends, the live-streaming trend is the most promising. Due to the high impact of audiovisuals, this eCommerce platform has begun to incorporate the trend of offering a live broadcast of product demos on the website and social media channels. The top brands have been forced to follow these patterns as a result of the pandemic crisis.

Adding live videos to your store’s merchandise will increase traffic because these audiovisuals can provide more information about the products and services available.

Push notifications: The push notification trend will boost your online store’s opening rate by nearly 90%. Yes, that is right. This means that if you want to draw the most clients, you can’t afford to ignore the Magento growth trend. Sending out appealing alerts about great offers, enticing sales, promotions, and discounts will draw more customers to your store, and these notifications can be easily pushed with Magento’s latest trend.

Voice search: The eCommerce market has been taken over by this voice search feature. This functionality has significantly improved the online shopping experience. Shoppers will no longer have to type their favourite words to locate their desired items thanks to this voice-enabled search option.

Chatbots: Chatbots are another of the most recent Magento phenomena that will be around for a long time. Chatbots have become incredibly useful for forecasting potential consumer transactions, thanks to AI and advanced technologies now available on the market. Chatbots can quickly determine a customer’s buying behaviour by looking at the customer’s past purchase history. This pattern includes video tutorials, high-quality photos, product-related blogs, web pages, and more, in addition to text and speech.

Since nearly 83 percent of customers choose to proceed with their transactions with a little help, a store should always provide them with a customer-friendly chatbot. As a result, if a customer requires assistance with a product or order, chatbots will provide it immediately.
Personalisation is now one of the most important factors in ensuring optimum consumer satisfaction. This is because consumers like deals and reviews. Magento 2 is a new version of the app that includes built-in features to make personalization and segmentation easier. Magento stores can now be made to sell items based on the needs of consumers thanks to the introduction of technology like AI and chatbots.

With the ever-changing developments and dynamics of the eCommerce industry, it’s becoming more important than ever to remain on top of the new Magento growth trends. Implementing these strategies is the only way to gain an advantage in today’s dynamic online market.

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