TOYOTA AYGO: A perfect Car for a perfect Drive

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The world of city cars looks pretty boring, there are variations on a theme like the Volkswagen Up or Seat Mii. But the Toyota Aygo is a bit more exciting.

Toyota Aygo stands out from the dull twins of Seat and VW with its large grille and contrasting roof, aggressively contoured bumpers, and even more, it comes in some really bold colors. What makes luminous orange or black so appealing?

Toyota Aygo is also very attractive inside – if you don’t mind entry-level models looking as unwelcoming as a warehouse. Toyota Aygo come with a minimal centre console and a touchscreen infotainment that allows for intuitive smartphone mirroring to both Android and Apple devices. Although there are a lot of hard plastics scattered about, this is not unusual in small city cars.

The front seats are spacious for such a small car. However, you cannot adjust the height of your driver’s seat in entry level Toyota Aygos. Although you don’t have adjustable lumbar support, there is enough padding to keep your back from getting sore on long journeys. Furthermore, if you want to sell car then review some of outstanding deals with us.

The Toyota Aygo, like many city cars, is more suited for short trips than long ones. It also has features that keep you safe in the area, including a hill-start assistance on all models and automatic emergency braking.

The Toyota Aygo will make you feel the impact of large potholes in your seat more than the more comfortable Up. It also has a three-cylinder petrol engine that drones quite loudly when you accelerate hard. However, it is relatively frugal and has enough power to keep up traffic.

You’ll be able to drive faster on the Toyota Aygo. It doesn’t lean too much in tight corners and does a good job at mufflering annoying wind and tyre noise.

The Toyota Aygo is more suited for short trips to the shops rather than long motorway journeys. It also comes with many safety features, such as automatic emergency braking. The Toyota Aygo is a great city car and an excellent alternative to the VW Up or SEAT Mii.

Engine, 0-60mph gearbox

Although the engine produces just 71 bhp, it’s plenty of power to get around town. However, the Aygo’s three cylinder, 1.0-litre petrol motor’s performance on fast roads can be described as slow and leisurely. This is especially noticeable when driving on motorways or climbing steep hills.

There are many city cars that have such low power reserves, including the Volkswagen Up and Kia Picanto. However, these are available with more powerful engines that are better suited for those who plan to drive on regular motorways. You can also review Used cars near me

Ride comfort and suspension

The Toyota Aygo is a comfortable city car that you will find very comfortable most of the time. The Aygo is flexible enough to drive around town, but not too soft on the roads. It also remains calm at highway speeds.

Vibration and noise

The Toyota Aygo produces a lot of vibration when it is working hard. It emits a lot of sound at different revs, which can be more than what you experience in an Up. The class is not noisy, but there is wind whistling around the front windows and the canvas roof, if you have it.

Dashboard and driving position

In Toyota Aygo the driver’s chair is very comfortable and all versions offer height adjustment. The rotary knob can adjust the backrest easily. Most city cars only have a few positions.The steering works for height, but not reach. Dials can be moved with the steering wheel, so they are always visible. The dashboard has everything you need and is easy to reach. You can also review Used car for sale.

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