What is an MRI scan used to detect?

MRI scan

One must ensure that their health is at its best. It means eating healthy food, exercising properly, and getting enough sleep each evening. Sometimes, even these three things are not enough. This is why people need to visit their doctor at least once per year.

An MRI scan is a preventative scan that can be used to diagnose a patient with a medical condition. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This scan can be used to examine the body for any irregularities, without the use of dyes or radiation that could cause cancer. As of mostly different types of scans will be done at the best scan center in any of the multi-specialty hospitals.

An MRI scan, instead of using magnets, uses radio waves and computer technology to scan the body. These images are very detailed and help the doctor as well as the technician to identify any irregularities.

While MRI scans can be very progressive in terms of technology used, it is important to remember that not everyone should have them done. People with pacemakers, for example, should not have this scan as the magnetic field created by the scan can cause them to malfunction. People with different types of implants, particularly ones that are metal-containing, should also avoid this scan.

To ensure that the procedure is performed effectively, patients should arrive in the facility in clothing that is free of metal. The same applies to any accessories that might have metal in them such as glasses or hearing aids. These items will need to be taken out before the scan. A side note is that a person should not have a credit card on them during scans because magnetic fields can corrupt it.

This is all a patient needs to do to prepare for an MRI scan. There are no food restrictions for this procedure. Patients who have never had a scan are often concerned about whether it will hurt. The scan is painless and requires that the patient remain still during the process.

It takes between fifteen and forty-five minutes to complete the scan. The scanners used to be considered claustrophobic. However, the designs of modern machines have made this problem virtually non-existent. Patients might not know that they can have someone accompany them to scans for support.

The magnetic field will also be applied to the patient. Therefore, it is important that the person not wear any metal. The person should be free from any other conditions that could prove to be harmful if they are in direct contact with the magnetic fields.

You must prepare for the MRI Scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a radiology technique that uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to see internal structures in detail. MRI uses Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), to image nuclei within the body. The preparation work for an MRI scan is easy and can be used mainly to treat orthopedic injuries.

It’s very simple and there are no restrictions, except for metallic objects. You cannot bring metallic objects into the MRI, including jewelry and metal implants. Your doctor will let you know if you have any metal implants. If you’re a woman, it is a good idea to have the MRI scan done without makeup. Because some cosmetics contain metallic elements, this may cause interference with the MRI scan.

As you are primarily located in Coimbatore, you should also discuss your medical history with your doctor before you undergo an MRI Scan in Coimbatore. This will allow them to determine if there are any metallic implants in your body. If you have even a trace of metallic substances, the magnetic fields created by an MRI scan can pull you towards it.

You should arrive at the hospital approximately 30 minutes before your scan. This allows staff time to complete the registration and make any last-minute checks before you are sent to the MRI. The staff will ask you to change into a hospital gown free from metallic substances. A technologist will interview you and ask for your details.

On average, the MRI scan takes 45 minutes. After being placed on a padded surface, you will then be moved to an open magnet that surrounds your entire body. If you experience discomfort, you will be given an aid handheld device to use. The technologist will also use a speaker to communicate with you. Once you have settled into a comfortable position, relax and try not to move. This will result in blurred images, which can make the results inaccurate. The magnetic field changes can cause loud noises.

MRI is generally safe, but patients with claustrophobic conditions or metallic implants in critical parts of their bodies are not permitted to have an MRI.

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