What Is a Phone Addiction and Why Is It Bad?


Phone addiction

We all are addicted to different things and the addiction that is ruling the world these days is that of the cell phones. Is checking your phone the first thing you do when you wake up? Do you need your phone every now and then while working on an important assignment or meeting a close friend?

Do you spend the last one hour before going to bed with your Smartphone? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you are undoubtedly a phone addict. Phone addiction is better termed as a social disease with every other person relying on it for doing the simplest tasks. It’s true that cell phones have made life easier than what it was 10 years back but at the same time its easy utility is making people addicted to it.

There is a thin line between relying over and getting addicted to something. Cell phone is more of an addiction as it smoothly controls the life of an individual.

How to analyze that you are a phone addict?

  • Do you waste lots of your precious time with your Smartphone on daily basis?
  • Do you see your productivity decreasing because of your cell phone?
  • Do you miss texting or checking your phone every five minutes?

If you can see yourself doing all these things then probably you have become a phone addict. Addiction to phones could indeed be dangerous. It can affect a person, physically as well as psychologically.

Physical effects of phone addiction:

  • It can strain your eyes as the brightness of the cell phone light can cause discomfort as well as irritation.
  • Constantly looking down while chatting or browsing social media on the cell phone can lead to neck pain and headaches.
  • Phones play a major role in transmitting bacteria which can once again cause diseases.
  • The harmful radiations emitted from the smart phone once again can have an adverse affect on the body and mind.

Talking about psychological effects, here are a few to mention:

  • Due to excess use of cell phone before bed time it can affects the sleeping hours. The body thus does not receive adequate sleep due to late night chatting, social media browsing and phone calls.
  • People also tend to stay aloof from crowd and family too as the family time is replaced by smart phones.
  • Your life is certainly interrupted because of the constant usage of phones be it at every stage and time.

All these problems sound serious. How to prevent yourself from this harmful addiction? Here are a few ways that will help you beat this addiction:

  • Try to start your day with a fresh thought and exercise. Meditation could help you think less about your phone and more about how your day should look like.
  • You can switch off your phone during important meetings and discussions or these days just turn of the internet connection.
  • Avoid checking the phone when you are meeting a person or talking to someone face to face. That will keep you away from your phone.
  • Stop pouring unnecessary energy on your phone. You could use it to do other productive things throughout the day.

Well, if an addiction has detained you, you can also find ways to get over it. So, consider these points and stay a phone addict free life!

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